Thursday, April 19, 2007

Senator Obama, take the lead to control guns

I sent this message to Barack Obama, and I'm sending it to my U.S. representative, Ron Klein.

After the tragedy in Virginia, it is time for you, Senator Obama, to take the lead in working for the passage of a strong federal gun control law. It is much too easy to obtain guns in too many states, and gun ownership should be much more severely limited than it is now. Too many unstable people have guns. If gun ownership were more restricted with more thorough background checks on people wanting guns, then senseless shootings like the one in Virginia would be less likely.
Of course, any attempt to control guns will be met with vigorous opposition from the gun lobby, but please be aware that the number of people wanting gun control far outnumber those wanting unlimited access to guns. If you take the lead on this important issue, I’m sure you will gain the support of many people who want sensible, restrictive gun laws in the U.S.

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Franklyn said...

I have never really understood the power of a relatively small group of people (the gun lobby)on this issue. Especially when they object to assault weapon being regulated. You really don't need a heavy weapon to take down a deer.